Whether you are doing the project yourself or you’ve hired professionals to do the construction, digging up the ground can be unpredictable. You don’t want to add to the stress by accidentally hitting something underground no one knew was there. Eastern Area Locating is dedicated to keeping our clients safe. Here are some dangers you might face digging blind, and ways to prevent them.

damaged wire dug up from underground

More Serious Than You Think – If an underground utility line is struck it could not only be an expensive fix, but it could cause serious injuries to the workers. At the very least, hitting a line could be an inconvenience to the surrounding houses.

Even Simple Projects Need Checking – It doesn’t matter how small your project it. It could something huge like an inground pool or something small as a mailbox. You never know how utility lines are set up underground. For safety sake, just verify before the digging starts.

A public utility pipe needing repair work
man finding lines underground using a wheeled device

Prevention – To prevent any issues with accidentally hitting a line, the best number to call is 811. This will connect you to Pennsylvania’s professional locators. They are available 24/7 for whatever digging purposes arise.

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