Line locating is kind of a niche topic. You don’t really understand what it means until you have to deal with it. Even then it’s hard to grasp everything that goes into the task. Because of that, there are several misconceptions that can spring up about line locating. Things like when to call 811, how accurate are utilities marked out, and many more. We want to use this blog to help dispel some of these misconceptions and give a little insight.

811 Can Find Everything: As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, calling 811 will be extremely helpful in connecting you with a line locating company. What you may not realize is that it only marks public utilities. You’ll have to research a separate company if you need utilities marked on private property.

picture of what a radar machine sees

• Private Locators Can Do It All: Private line locators can do a lot, but their technology might not be advanced enough to search for major lines, especially if they’re deeper in the ground. The equipment they use is better suited for lines closer to the surface.

man finding lines underground using a wheeled device

• A Mark Means The Work Is Guaranteed: Just because the company has marked out where the lines are doesn’t mean they’re going to fix it. In most cases, line locating companies are completely separate from construction companies. You’ll have to set up everything to get the work done.

Every Mark Is Accurate: The lines are as close to accurate as they can be, but sometimes they can be a little off. Even the most advanced line locating technology can misread when exactly is underground. The markings should be used more as a guideline instead of a bullseye for the line.

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