We offer pipe locating services in Eastern PA and Surrounding Areas

With our Pipe Locating Services whether you are renovating your home, investing in extensive landscaping, or suspect there is a leak somewhere in your sewer or drain pipe system, the team at Eastern Area Locating LLC can help. Our pipe locating technicians have the expertise and equipment necessary for locating underground pipes while ensuring minimal disruption to your property.

Services Offered:

  • GPR

  • Pipe Locating

  • Radio Detection

Site clearing is an important first step of excavation and construction. Using ground penetrating radar and radio detection equipment the site can be either cleared of any underground hazards or marked for any underground utilities or other dangers. It gives the contractor or homeowner the opportunity to either move forward as planned or change plans to work around hidden obstacles with safety being the major factor. It also helps with cost effectiveness by knowing what you are dealing with and job efficiency by saving time.