how to use radar machine

Before the ground is broken, it’s important to make sure there aren’t any utility lines or underground cables. The last thing you ever want is to have a water main break or hit a gas line. With the Ground Penetrating Radar, Eastern Area Locating can help start your construction or digging project off on the right foot.

  • Non-destructive – The radar can show whatever is under the ground from the utility line, to steel plates, to the voids of earth. This method allows you to see exactly what’s going on underground before the digging starts.
  • Accurate Location – Electromagnetic pulses help determine how wide the utility lines are and how deep the lines are in the ground.
  • Cost Reducing – Construction or digging projects are already costly. That cost can double, or triple, if you not only need to dig a second time, but repair any damages the first session caused. Using the Ground Penetrating Radar will let you measure twice and dig once.
  • Simple Operation – We make sure our operation is a efficient as possible. That is why the equipment we use is small, yet accurate. One or two people can work the machine and get readings quickly.

Let Eastern Area Locating help you with your underground line locating needs using our state-of-the-art ground penetrating radar. Call us today!

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