Severe weather can end up doing more damage than any of us realize. Extreme temperature fluctuation, hot or cold, will have more of an impact on your energy usage, potentially resulting in a higher bill. You may not even realize it until you receive the latest charges. So what can you do? Plan ahead! The great thing is that all of these tips you can do today. Here’s how you can get a handle on your energy bill.

Turn Off What You Don’t Need: Not every light in the home needs to be on. If you’re not going to be in that room for a significant amount of time, keep the lights and any other unnecessary devices off.

Closeup of finger is turning light switch on or off
Smart Home Thermostat

Stop Messing With The Thermostat: Keep the thermostat at a steady temperature throughout the day. Steadily increasing or decreasing it causes it to work harder, ultimately increasing your bill. If you can get away with it, turn the thermostat off altogether in the warmer months and open the windows.

Upgrade Blinds, Curtains, or Shades: Blinds, curtains, and shades look great in the rooms, and help keep your privacy; but they’re also vital for your energy bill. Most companies have designed their window covers to work with your heating or AC to act as a sort of insulation.

Opened venetian plastic blinds
Ceiling fan is rotating at the ceiling of the room

Use Your Ceiling Fan: You might not realize, but your ceiling fan works in the summer and the winter. They’re designed to circulate the air. It can move the cold air around the room, or circulate the warm air down depending on which setting it’s on.