You might expect power outages to only happen during heavy weather. The truth is that power outages can happen at any time, even during the most beautiful days. The power grid can go down, a transformer on a pole can get damaged, high winds could take out a power line, and more. We depend on our electricity so much that if it does go out, we’re thrown for a loop. A couple of hours is okay, but it gets a little uneasy if it gets to be a day or longer. To keep yourself ahead of the game, here’s how to get prepared for a power outage.

Flashlight: You can use the flashlight to get around the house and light up the room. You can use candles to light up the room as well, but they can be hazardous if you leave them unattended.
Radio: This may seem a little old school, but a radio can be beneficial for getting the news and updates from the National Weather Service, but it can provide entertainment as well.
Batteries: Not only will the flashlight and radios need batteries, but things like clocks, smoke detectors, and other appliances tend to run on backup batteries. Make sure you have a good supply of various sizes.

Stock of Water: In some power outages, you might not have flowing water, or there might be a limit on how much water you can use. Stocking up on bottled water will give you drinking water, a way to boil food, clean yourself, flush toilets, washcloths, and more.
Non-Perishable Food: Non-perishable food is important to have on hand. If you own a gas appliance, have access to a grill, or even a fit pit, you can still heat up food. It’s best though to keep on hand canned foods, nut butters, granola bars, crackers, etc. The less you have to cook, the better.