When metal detectors come up in conversation, one of the first things that come to mind is “treasure” and “pirates!” Maybe not the pirates, but treasure hunting, for sure. While metal detectors are great for finding buried antiques and artifacts, they are often used in a professional job to search for various underground wires and pipes. Here’s how we, at Eastern Area Locating, use metal detectors to help our clients.

  • Location is Key: It’s important to know where all the wires and pipes are underneath and around a building. A metal detector can help locate these them with ease.
  • The Right Setting: A metal detector has what is known as a discrimination setting which is basically how sensitive the machine can be. Lowering this setting can help stabilize the metal detector to let it find what’s underground.
Man finding a gold ring in grass using a metal detector.
man using Ground penetrating Radar
  • Make Some Tracks: Once the metal detector is active don’t walk in a straight line with it. It’s best to use sweeping motions back and forth in front. This helps show the direction of the wires or pipes a lot easier. Plus more area is covered in a shorter time.
  • X Marks the Spot: It’s important to mark the areas that you’ve found underground pipes and wires. Use X’s to begin with, and then go back to connect them once the area is completed.
Ground penetrating Radar
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